Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel for weddings?
Absolutely! I’m excited to travel anywhere for weddings, elopements, and engagement sessions. The great news is that all my destination services include travel expenses, so there’s no need for you to worry about the logistics. Let’s concentrate on enjoying ourselves and capturing beautiful moments at a location that’s special to you!
What happens if you canโ€™t make it to our wedding?

This would be a crazy circumstance, that would never happen intentionally, please understand that. If I am not able to photograph your wedding, I will find the best, most trustworthy replacement photographer to take my place and photograph your wedding. Please know I have a strong network of professional photographers that offer the same services I do. We don’t see each other as competition, but more as available support. If it ever comes to the point where there is no photographer available to photograph your wedding, you will then be refunded.

What if the weather is really bad and we need to reschedule our shoot ?

If the weather turns out to be particularly bad, we always have the option to reschedule. However, it’s worth noting that some of the most memorable photo sessions I’ve had were on days with overcast skies or windy days. There’s something special about capturing moments in unique weather conditions โ€“ they often lead to stunning photographs. The only scenario where I’d suggest rescheduling is if there’s a risk of damaging the camera. Let’s keep an eye on the weather and decide together if a change of plans is necessary.

How will I receive my photos? Do they come with a print release?

Your photos will be provided as high-resolution JPEGs in a beautifully designed online gallery. This gallery will be accessible to you for a full year. However, I highly recommend downloading your images as soon as you receive access to the gallery. It’s also a good idea to back up your images securely. Plus, you’re welcome to share the gallery link with your family and friends, so they can enjoy the photos too! And yes, a print release is available.

When will the photos be ready?

Typically, all sessions will be ready in 2-4 weeks and weddings will be ready in 4-6 weeks. All photos will be published to a gallery.

What if we need to cancel or reschedule?
If you have made a deposit for a specific date and later need to reschedule or cancel, the initial deposit is non-refundable. To secure a new date, a fresh deposit will be required. This policy is in place because when I reserve a date for you, I turn away other potential clients for that time. Rescheduling means a loss of income, which impacts my financial planning. I take on only a limited number of jobs each month, and rely on the final payments for my expenses.
Do you provide RAW files?
Editing is an integral part of creating the final image, accounting for half of the creative process and magic. This crucial step is why I don’t provide RAW images; they are only the groundwork of the finished product. Rest assured, I am committed to ensuring you don’t miss any important photos. If you think I might have overlooked an image you were looking forward to, please let me know. I’m more than willing to go back through my work and send you any images you need. My goal is to ensure that no precious memory is left behind.
How many photos do I/we get?
For weddings, I usually take about 100 photographs per hour. To be perfectly honest, there’s no set number on how many images you will receive, but this seems to work best when capturing all of the moments is primary goal!
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